We are working with zoning laws in order to build cost efficient lab facilities that will be holdings of the Stark Drones Corporation.

These built labs would be primarily utilized for the building of innovations developed by Stark Drones.

Being able to build a series of laboratories for Stark Drones R & D will be a huge part of its developmental future.

Andrew Magdy Kamal

For labs we can’t acquire, we will still try democratizing points of lab access for important and core R & D.

Labs owned by Stark Drones Corporation as holdings doesn’t just expand its reach and valuation, but helps get experimental technologies into the market quickly.

Currently lots of planning for extremely cost efficient labs are on its way, but this is a large component of plans for the future. Labs built will adhere to proper regulations in regards to zoning, funding, and what is deemed appropriate. If deemed built, part of the series Comic Gadget Labs may or may not be filmed in the labs being built.

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