IOCS: International Online Chess Syndicate

We are working on creating an online chess league given chess provides valuable insight to sentiment analysis patterns and mathematical logic. How humans play chess actually can provide valuable insights to many different things in terms of statistical analysis. This league aims to find missing links in sociophysics and game theory and tie it all together.

When I was young, I done lots of U1000, U2000, Swiss opens, chess clubs, and even played chess at church clubs or peer tournaments. I was obsessed with bringing up my elo score, and at times done online tournaments as well. I tried creating something called Chess TV, and wished I could be the next Bobby Fisher. This was before the sports phase and other phases as well. However, I thought a career in physics would be better. Than I pursued engineering, then startups, then Quantum engineering. I got rusty over the years. I thought now is time to bring back one of my early passions. This was one of the ways to do it.

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