QuantPortal’s e-Academy

ISAs – Income Share Agreement

QuantPortal is planning on offering an ISA program that teaches you about various aspects of financial engineering, strategy development, statistical computing, and the ins and outs of trading through a mathematical and pattern recognition standpoint. In exchange for learning valuable and extremely lucrative skill sets, we take only 5% of each learner’s income for the first year after they complete our program.


No Student Debt

As opposed to traditional learning institutions, we provide a debt free alternative that is quite cost efficient and gives students valuable real world knowledge.

Build a Portfolio

By the end of this series, you should be able to custom code your own financial modeling programs, have expertise in Quantitative analysis, and build your own trading indicators and strategies.

Not Soft Skills

We teach skills that are highly lucrative in the job market, and outside of that these skills can benefit you if you were a day trader or wanted to start your own thing.

Test your Knowledge

We have a comprehensive set of questions to make sure that learners aren’t just left in the dust. This puts theory into practice and with the hands on approach, allows you to retain what you learned as opposed to pure memorization.

Disclaimer: We aren’t claiming to solicit financial advice or claiming to train people in regulatory securities or equities. We also adhere to the disclosures presented throughout this website.

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